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(l to r) Kristen Brody as Antigone, Claire D'Angelo as Ismene

(l to r) Kristen Brody as Antigone, Claire D’Angelo as Ismene; photo by Ryan Prado Photography

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Swiftly Tilting Theatre’s Modern Antigone Adaptation Questions Roman Catholic Law

Long Island City, NY – July 7-17, 2016, Swiftly Tilting Theatre Project, Inc. challenges Catholic dogma by setting Sophocles’ classic play Antigone in the modern-day countryside, currently in previews and opening July 9, 2016.

Ms. Kidwell’s adaptation uses the burial restrictions of a heretic as a springboard for Sophocles’ classic tragedy to unfurl. Antigone refuses to allow her brother to be buried without ceremony and defies the Catholic Church’s edict decreed upon Polyneices. Continue Reading

Brent Winzek as Creon & Kristen Brody as Antigone

Brent Winzek as Creon & Kristen Brody as Antigone

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Classic Greek Tragedy, Antigone, Transplanted To An Irish Catholic Backdrop For Limited Run Starting July 8th At The Secret Theatre

Long Island City, NY – July 7-17, 2016, 

Swiftly Tilting Theatre Project, Inc. presents a modern adaptation of ANTIGONE by Sophocles, set in the Irish countryside, adapted and directed by Becca C. Kidwell at The Secret Theatre.

Ms. Kidwell’s modern adaptation travels to Ireland where Antigone’s brother Polyneices is denied burial based on Creon’s interpretation of Roman Catholic law. Antigone is determined that her brother’s passing will be celebrated with dignity despite the consequences for herself. Modern language and Biblical text dare the characters and audience to balance love, mercy, justice, honor, and truth. Continue Reading

IMG_2717Carey Seward

I’ve been working in film and television production since I graduated from college, but acting has always been my first love. The last show I was in was Picasso at the Lapin Agile with the Sackett Group at the Brooklyn Music Academy.

1. 5 favorite actors: Jean Gabin, Richard Burton, Julianne Moore, Jean Claude Van Damme, Bryan Cranston

2. My dream role:  Hamlet. In him, the human and the mythic find expression in a totally modern and complete psychology. He is the dutiful son, the false lover, the avenging hero and the guilty murderer. He is poet, philosopher and man of action. He is trickster, and fire starter, creating chaos in search of meaning.

3. Something you’re really bad at:  I’m bad at sports, but I’m a good swimmer.

4.   What superpower would you want:  If asked to choose between flight and invisibility, I would choose invisibility. If I could have any power though, It would be teleportation, because that would allow you to travel through space and time.

5.  What is your quest:  In the words of Viktor Frankl: “Man’s search for meaning is the primary motivation in his life… we can discover this meaning in life in three different ways (i) by creating a work or doing a deed; (ii) by experiencing something or encountering someone; (iii) by the attitude we take toward unavoidable suffering.”

2ba9ef09-45c7-4775-a25e-0205aaa732e1-bWFpbi1uLW4tMC0wLTAtODAwLTEyMDA=.jpgClaire D’Angelo just graduated from the 2-year conservatory program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She is so overjoyed and grateful that in her first job she gets to play a 60 year old women. She would like to thank her grandmother as inspiration and all of the old ladies she followed in the park for research.

1. Nickname:  Sham (short for shampoo, because my hair always smells like shampoo!)
2. Hometown:  Pebble Beach, California
3. Zodiac Sign:  Virgo
4. Main people who inspired you when you were growing up:  My sisters
5. Siblings:  I am the baby of the family and have two older sisters
6. Dream role:  To die in a very dramatic teen Lifetime movie
7. Last book you read:  All the Light You Cannot See
8. Career you would want if you couldn’t perform:  Writer
9. Something you are really bad at:  Giving people massages

13320542_934449219987149_511836892033164475_oBrent Winzek
BIO:  Born and raised in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Brent fell in love with Jurassic Park at a very young age and has been pursuing a career as an actor & writer ever since. Currently based in New York City, he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and Master of Arts in Theatre from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. When he’s not performing, Brent is working on his passion project, Space Cadets: for more info, visit or ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook at!
1.  Siblings:  I have a (not much) younger sister (What’s up, Krista!) who has graciously sat through numerous theatrical productions to support her brother, despite having very little interest.
2.  Dream Role:  Black Stache in Peter & the Starcatcher or any of the supporting roles in Spamalot (namely the French Taunter, The Leader of the Knights Who Say Ni, and Brother Maynard’s Brother).
3. Last Book You ReadPatriot Pirates by Robert H. Patton –  which examines the Colonies’ naval tactics during the American Revolution.
4.  “I’ll Never Understand Why…” …people now spend time watching YouTube videos of other people playing video games.
5. What Is Your Quest?  I seek the Holy Grail.

12986950_10154051306999120_1048583351448483363_nBecca C. Kidwell

Bio: Becca has directed Swiftly Tilting Theatre Project’s productions: Radiance, The Passion of Marie Curie, Priscilla Dreams The Answer (staged reading), Don’t Speak Cabaret Benefit; she has most recently performed in her own cabaret production: Oh Fudge! I’m Forty! at the Metropolitan Room.  She would like to be a zen master when she grows up.

  1.  Hometown:  Piscataway, NJ
  2.   Zodiac Sign:  Taurus
  3.   Pets: 2 Cats – Frodo & Viola
  4.   Top 5 Movies:  American Beauty, Shine, Elizabeth, The Shawshank Redemption, The Force Awakens
  5.   Dream Role:  Lily in The Secret Garden (musical)
  6.   Last Book I Read:  Fat Girl Walking by Brittany Gibbons
  7.   First Musical I Ever Saw:  Annie on Broadway
  8.   What Superhero Would I Be:  Black Widow or Batgirl

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Heather Puchalski

Bio: A Few Of My Past Credits include Little Mac Little Mac You’re The Very Man, Diva, Beckett in Benghazi, Evil Dead The Musical, Pirates of Penzance, A View From a Bridge, and Antigone. Thank you to my mom for helping me to believe in myself. Thank you to Alan for being the calming factor in my chaotic world. I would like to thank Rebecca for such a wonderful opportunity, as well as the cast and crew for being so awesome!!!

1.Nickname: Munchin
2.Hometown: Hamtramck, Michigan
3.Zodiac Sign: Aires
4. Main People Who Inspired You Growing Up: My Mother and Uncle Johnny Continue Reading

13151714_10154013512875631_2380020941583821212_nJessica Threet

Bio: Jessica is super excited to be a part of this cast.  Regional credits include Rent (Maureen Johnson), Once on this Island (Asaka), Producers (Ensemble), and Hairspray (Ensemble) with Flat Rock Playhouse. Some other favorite roles include Janet Van De Graaff in The Drowsy Chaperone,  Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls, The Ghost of Christmas Past in a Christmas Carol, and Meg Magrath in Crimes of the Heart. She would like to thank her family and friends for their ongoing support and sends them lots of love!  

Q & A:
1.  Nickname:  Jess, JThreet
2.  Hometown:  Huntsville, AL
3.  Zodiac sign:  Aries
4.  People who inspired you growing up:  My parents, siblings, and family in general;  my teachers in voice,  acting, and dance; Julie Andrews, Judy Garland, Angela Lansbury, Disney Princesses and basically anything released by the company… Continue Reading