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11081061_10152836623793087_4565822540743190547_nBenjamin David Knight

Bio: Benjamin David Knight hails from the far and distant land of New Jersey where there be Dragons, and Newark.

His past credits include a (possibly) gay pirate, a constantly damp henchman, and a mean old man.  He is very excited to play the role of Quinn.
He would like to thank his girlfriend, friends and family, but not his friend’s families. They did nothing!
Q & A:
1.  Nickname: Ben-Jammin
2.  Hometown: Windsor, NJ Continue Reading

12274420_10153894121646264_4164004203365088493_nKristen Brody

Bio:   Kristen is thrilled to be performing in Antigone! She’d like to thank Becca and all of the Swiftly Tilting family for this wonderful opportunity. All my love to my family, friends and Kyle!

Q & A:

1.  Zodiac Sign — Gemini
2.  Main People Who Inspired You Growing Up — My parents, my grandpas, Meryl Streep, and the casts of both FRIENDS & SNL.
3. Last Book You Read — “Why Not Me?” By Mindy Kaling
4. Career You Would Want If You Couldn’t Perform — Child Psychologist
5. First Play or Musical You Ever Saw — I think it was Beauty and the Beast on tour..

indexI’m so adamant on making sure we’re storytelling and that Shakespeare’s language is clear to the audience;  I’ve seen way too much theatre and when I go, particularly to see Shakespeare, I have difficulty grasping the words in general, particularly with my short attention span and when people don’t take my hand and tell me the story, I tune out–I’ll try to figure out the action–but that’s usually not too clear either.  (By the way, what I’ve learned as a grown-up is it’s really ok to read the synopsis of the play before you watch it).

My favorite quote, which I often use, from the documentary Looking for Richard “we’ve all done this…the audience hasn’t done it.”  Continue Reading

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Emma Campbell as the Fool
Andrew R. Cooksey Jr.. as Toby Belch
Adam R. Deremer as Malvolio
Benjamin David Knight as Antonio
Sophia Kokonas in the Ensemble
Jack Martin as Duke Orsino
Dani Martineck as Viola
James Overton as Andrew Aguecheek
Zac Pierce-Messick as Sebastian
Holly Spalding in the Ensemble
Annie Winneg as Maria
Ewa Maria Wojcik as Olivia
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promptbookSwiftly Tilting Theatre Project, Inc.’s production of Twelfth Night.

*Production dates (required): 12/24, 12/26, 12/28, 12/29, and 1/1, 1/2, 1/3.
*Tech & dress rehearsals (required): 12/21 and 12/22.

The production runs at The Big Secret Theatre in Long Island City.

Rehearsals will run through October-December (no rehearsal on Thanksgiving, working with everyone’s schedules as much possible.

Small stipend paid at the end of the production.

The stage manager assists with the smooth operation of rehearsals and runs the show during production.

TO APPLY: see details on employment page

Photos by Ryan Prado Photography and the cast

Photos by Ryan Prado Photography and the cast

Our steadfast, supportive audience helped Marie’s light to shine May 8th – 10th!! Continue Reading

polish news


Drama of Marie Curie on the New York scene by
by Katarzyna Buczkowska

The life of Maria Skłodowska-Curie is a fascinating and still oh-so-important story of an extraordinary woman with a big mind, high sensitivity and strength of character. The perils of her struggle as a woman scientist in patriarchal times in which to live, it is reminiscent of the New York art scene of the “Radiance, The Passion of Marie Curie.

The role of Maria Skłodowska-Curie in the art of Alan Alda entitled “Radiance, The Passion of Marie Curie at the theater off-off Broadway in Manhattan will play Eva Maria Wojcik, an American actress of Polish origin. Diverse in terms of ethnic origin and professional education team of actors directed by Becca c. Kidwell in the Swiftly Tilting Theatre Project. Continue Reading